Why R&S

Several factors distinguish Ross & Shulga attorneys:

  • We are experts in what we do.  Our practice areas are limited to our core expertise areas.  Within these core areas, we know the standard “market” practice and the legal issues that may arise.  When a question falls outside of our core expertise areas, we bring in other attorneys from our network of trusted specialists.
  • We understand that the practice of law is evolving, and we welcome the new legal challenges within our practice areas, such as cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, crowdfunding, and more.
  • Each client is equally important to us and deserves our full attention and best legal advice.  We do not believe in “one size fits all” approach.  We look for and guide you to the best solution for your specific legal problem.
  • We are proponents of a comprehensive approach when addressing our clients’ legal needs.  First, we look at the bigger picture, getting to know your business and your goals.  Then, we get into the details and develop a specific plan that addresses your needs and is in line with your goals.  The more we know about your business, the better we can help you.
  • We focus on the results instead of the billing hours.  We find the right balance between being the legal perfectionists and delivering top quality legal product at affordable rates.
  • We are efficient, professional and trustworthy.  We promptly respond to client emails and phone calls.
  • Attorneys at Ross & Shulga graduated from the best law schools in the country and have years of experience representing domestic and foreign clients in the fields of corporate and securities law as well as investment fund management.  We have worked on IPOs, leveraged buyouts, and other transactions too numerous to mention.  Ross & Shulga makes such big law firm expertise affordable for clients of any size.  We offer accurate estimates and flexible billing arrangements, and are able to provide high-quality legal services at a fraction of big-firm costs.